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Once leaving they returned to the mansion where James consumed a few fruits and a colourful tonic Skay had prepared called 616. Although he wasn’t quite at the half barrier realm he obviously had enough spirit energy to swear an oath after testing a simple oath like “I swear an oath to pass this cup of water to Harvy.”-Gau Clan’s Main Hall-In the main hall sat the leaders of both parties, Hao and James, facing each other. Behind them sat their subordinates, the 4 Elders behind Hao and Jessy, Skay and Harvy behind James.Both parties swore an oath of mutual defence and trade along with some other odds and ends they worked out beforehand. In the end, their two oaths encompassed a number of things.The oath of mutual defence consisted of:The Gau Clan swears to protect the Dark Brotherhood until such time as they can defend themselves and to a mutual defence pact thereafter.The Brotherhood swears to assist the Gau Clan in times of need if they have the power to do so.The Clan and. I guess that makes sense." So, you know my secret. What's yours?"Kate nodded with a blush that was every bit as bright as Anna's had been. She stuttered a little at the beginning, but she described how she'd found the lovers and what happened after she left. This led to her reaction when she recognized Anna's voice in the cafeteria and the incident that followed. Anna had tears in her eyes when Kate described how the cops treated her at the hospital."Oh, God! I am so sorry! How can you be so nice to me after that?" I don't blame you, Anna. Those assholes are to blame. I had my eyes opened yesterday. In more ways than one. I've had a lot to think about and not much time to process everything. Sitting here now, going over things, I guess I can see why you would want to be with Alex. I mean, the way those cops treated me and my own dating history ... like you said; you spent the day being worshipped. I've never had that. Although, the whole, non-human lover aspect is more than a little.
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