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I wanted to go inside and do my business and make believe that people outside could see everything that I was doing. Just the thought made me get wet inside. There were dozens of curious visitors walking around the glass toilet structure, curious whether they could see anything inside. I walked around to see for myself. All I could see was the mirror-like glass walls which surrounded all four sides with one entrance that had a sliding door. To use the glass toilet, it cost 500 yen, paid vending machine style. I had to try it out, so I pulled out a 500 yen coin and inserted it into the coin slot. The sliding door opened to the side and let me in. Inside, I was surprised to find a rather large room, about 4 x 4 meters, with a modern TOTO brand electronic toilet in the center. The high-tech glass walls looked clear from the inside with only a slightly gray tint. The other surprise was that there was a shower stall next to the toilet. That was not mentioned in the articles that I read.. Think of it as a large marshmallow and you get the idea. I ate two fish, then we drifted for about a half hour, before it got cool enough that we decided to return to the camp.When we got to camp, I noticed my tent was missing and several people were moving their things into the large Quonset hut. Tommy told me there was a front coming down from the north, which would bring cooler temperatures and rain early tomorrow morning and should ease up by Sunday. This was not welcome news to me.Later, I noticed the hoppers were all parked inside the smaller Quonset hut and the bulldozer and two front-end loaders were parked next to the large Quonset hut. About then it started to drizzle, so Dad, Tommy and I took a riverboat across to the north side of the river. Dad and Tommy carried boxes of supplies into the hut, while I tried to pull the river boat further out of the river. I had it about half way out of the river when Dad and Tommy returned and helped me drag it another ten feet up the.
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