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“Yes,” Jack said with a nod, a bit surprised that Quinn remembered. “I pulled the wrong lever and got sprayed down with some kind of grease from an ancient machine. We tried to wash it off, but even with soap it was useless. Even after we’d wiped the excess away, water still rolled off my skin like a duck’s back. Taking a bath after we got out of the temple was the oddest sensation. I could feel the heat of the water, but I couldn’t get wet.”“Curious,” Quinn said. “How does that relate?”“It’s what this love curse feels like,” Jack explained. “A sort of film in my mind. When I try to submerge myself in the comfort of memories and feelings that I know are real, they don’t ... sink in. And I can feel it spreading. In the bath, the excess lubricant floated on the surface of the water. It looked like rainbows. Everything it touched became like my skin. It repelled the water, and after a while there was no way to reach the water without going through the grease. That’s what thoughts of Shae. The little clit felt hard as she toyed with it. Each time she pressed against it, Lani squirmed, telling Karen that was the spot. Concentrating her effort, she proceeded to get Lani closer to her climax. Her lover was mashing her breasts, pinching her nipples, and telling Karen how good she was feeling. Karen smiled her arousal following Lani's.Karen managed to slip one of her hands between her own legs as she dined on Lani's wetness. Both women lost in their bodies' reactions soon reached their peak. Both shook, as Lani squealed, she frightened the dogs who jumped up to see what had happened. They bolted out of the room, scaring both women. When the pups ran out, Dave ran in, wondering what was going on.He found Karen between Lani's legs laughing, a sheen to her cheeks. Lani was apologizing, laughing, her face flush. Karen looked up at Dave; her smile was infectious. He grinned, figuring out what had taken place.He looked at Lani, “I guess she did okay for her first time?”Lani.
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