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Zandra spent considerable time over the next few days interviewing the returned hostages. She questioned them about where they had been held and how they had been treated. She also asked what they had been able to learn about their captors. She was especially interested in how the young girls had been treated and how they had been moved.Following that, she returned to her private lab for a few more days to work on something that had been coalescing in her mind since shortly after the emergency started. After a few days she checked with Miranda to see how things were going on retrieving all of their personnel."We have retrieved most of our personnel. We only have those in China missing yet," Miranda informed her."What is the problem there?" Zandra inquired."Our ability to access the site. The Chinese have it very tightly guarded and in great depth. Our people there have food and water inside the force field to last several weeks yet. They are also transporting out buckets of waste into. John smiled at her, and asked, “Things went well with the Forgemaster, I take it?”To his surprise, it was Rachel who answered first, and she beamed as she replied, “These Trankarans are so friendly and helpful! The Forgemaster had a male and female assistant, who both let me take some genetic samples. They agreed to let me scan them too!”Dana nodded animatedly, and said, “And I’ve just spent the last hour having a fascinating chat with Forgemaster Gilgrem about metallurgy. Associate Bhaken wasn’t exaggerating about the Trankarans having a gift with metals, they really know their shit! They’re also mining several metals I’ve never even heard of before!” She looked a bit evasive, but grinned at him endearingly as she added, “I bought a ton of each, just in case they might be useful. I hope that’s okay?”John chuckled and replied, “Yeah, as long as you got a good deal.”She winked at him slyly, and whispered, “These Trankarans might be friendly and helpful, but they aren’t the sharpest.
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