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Do you know if any of those might be possible?”Me: “Not that I know of. If that only leaves the genetic conditions, would that mean that I have never had any sperm for all my life?”Doc: “Yes. I actually hoped that you had an injury or something like that. We will need to make some further tests to determine, what the actual reason is. I would like to schedule a surgery to check the tubes. It would look like you had a vasectomy. In case of a post-testicular azoospermia, there is a chance of correcting it, giving you the chance to have kids. Em ... this is kind of unofficial advice, but you might think about doing a DNA test for your kids. I’m sorry.”Me: “It’s not your fault. Thanks for the advice. I already arrived at the same conclusion.”At that point I was barely able to avoid a breakdown. Over the next few weeks, I had those tests done, including the surgery. My doctor found my tubes had been blocked and it seemed like a birth defect. As we had discussed before, he unblocked them,. . , Mel and I have been trying to figure out a way to get up our nerve to ask you and Jimmy that very same thing," Eileen said, with a little laugh."Maricar, I know you're probably very busy there, and so am I. I just called to let you know, Mel and I are just as interested as you and Jimmy. Would you two be free to get together and discuss it later this evening when the guys get home?" We're free—and we definitely would be interested... ! " Maricar said, laughing into the phone. "Jimmy is going to be so excited!" I can't wait to tell Mel either... !" Eileen said, "So... , we'll see you two, tonight... ?" Yes... !" Maricar said. "Look for us around 8:00 o'clock this evening. Okay... ?" Sure! See you both tonight." Eileen said, hanging up her phone.WOW! It's on! she thought, feeling herself slightly aroused from the cryptic little phone call that had just taken place.For the next hour, she felt her arousal soar each time she allowed herself to think about the four of them getting.
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