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“You’re drunk.”“Yep,” she giggled. “Not as drunk as you.”“That’s not true.”“We just hold our liquor differently. In this moment, right here, I’m more powerful than you.”I look her up and down. I don’t know this woman standing in front of me, her black bridesmaid dress silky and begging to be torn off. I like her like this, but it aches me to know the Valerie I once knew is different. Cynical. Maybe even a touch cruel. “You’ve changed.”“I grew up.” She steals a cherry from behind the bar and sucks on it. “You’ve changed, too.”I barely listen to her. She’s sucking on a fucking cherry and it’s so red as it slips into her wet, pink mouth.“I see what you mean about fucking with my head.”Her mouth twists. “Don’t you think you deserve it?”“What does fucking with my head entail?”“Mostly what I’ve done. Being nice to you. I didn’t plan it, if it makes you feel any better. I was terrified to see you. I was afraid my heart would splinter into thousands of pieces and I’d collapse right on the. Interestingly, with the encounters with both Mark and Amy, no one had suggested oral sex. It didnt occur to me, and I guess it didnt to them either. In the future, that would change. At first, I was annoyed that Mark had not told me earlier that he wouldnt be around the next day, but then I realized that we had been so engaged in what we were doing, that we hadnt really talked after it began. I resolved to wait until the day after next to do any more servicing of my desires. The next morning I awoke thinking about Mark. I closed my eyes and imagined his penis inside me. I got up and took a shower. Then I went to the pool to lie in the sun. I closed my eyes, and again I could almost feel Mark. I couldnt get him our of my mind. I should say that although my fantasies involved Mark at this point, I hadnt forgotten Amy. I wished she were here to frolic with, but when I thought of sex, I thought of Mark. About 1:00, I went in to eat, and sat on the sofa with my sandwich and tea. I turned.
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