I yelled down, afraid of waking up the household."Rick, just stop it! Leave him alone! Someone's gonna get killed!"He looked up for a split second and said "YOU go to bed! I'll be up in a bit!"I was so afraid of big Daddy waking up.They knocked Curly out with a couple strong blows to his jaw and and dragged him out to the barn. When he came to, Rick said "Here, this'll teach you to keep your hands off her!" And punched him right in the stomach and in the face. Blood was pouring from Curly's nose now. When he'd try to get up, Justin would knock him back down. Curly was a big guy but no match for the two of them.I ran out out of the house now and into the barn in my nightgown and bare feet. "Rick, stop it!! You're gonna kill him!" Get the fuck out of here!" he yelled back at me.Curly looked up at me and I said "I'm so sorry Curly!" and I really was. Just then Rick grabbed me from behind and pulled me away from him and threw me to the ground. I landed on a bale of hay. Curly had to be. He is so hard by this time that I know that this is going to be amazing. I feel him push all the way in me. Ohhhhhhhh yessssss I say.. He is feeling so damn good. He starts pumping harder as the massager is hitting my clit just perfect. "How I have missed you", I hear him say. I can so tell by the force that he is fucking me with. We continue this hot session until we both cum so hard that our knees are weak."I am about to cum" he says.. With that we both explode with what seemed a gallon of cum each. He tells me not to be to tired he has another surprise for me. We step out of the shower and dry off. As I start to pick up my clothes, he tells me to leave them and come with him. We walk down the hall and to the kitchen to the sliding door. He opens it and I see a bubbling hot tub. " I take it that you have plans for the tub" I say. "Oh yeah, you could say that" I hear him say with that evil laugh. He lays his towel on the side of the tub and climbs in. He sits on the seat and lays.
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