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"You look lovely, Elena," he said then. "Truly lovely. Our mutual friend told me you would, and he was right." He smiled at her. "We have plenty to do," he went on, "but you are such a fine sight that I think I'll just sit here and watch for a while." So he sat there and gazed at her agonized helplessness, his eyes devouring her, taking in every inch of her luscious nude body, her tautened breasts and round hips and curved thighs. At one point she couldn't stand it any more and she started to plead, to beg frantically, knowing it would do no good; but the sounds that came through her terrible gag were an unintelligible muffled babble, which brought no response from him but another smile. Then she could only sob with despair and hang there waiting for what was to happen to her. "I have some instructions," he finally said, and reaching into his shirt pocket he pulled out a. I try not to bother you during church," he lied. "But since you're on the line already, I was calling to tell you that you were right. Some of those fucking miners are stealing from us." He paused. "Sorry sir, I'll watch the language." Max paced the room impatiently. "Anyhow, I caught one of them in action. I know how he's been getting away with it." Max stared intently at the image of a grizzled man holding a yellow plastic capsule, about the size of a thumbnail, in the palm of his hand."Yeah, after you pointed out that some of the miners had lower returns than the other guys, I put a bunch of security cameras around site 4. I caught the fuc – funny-looking punk in action. Looks like we have ourselves a colon smuggler." He flipped to the next image, where the man was holding the capsule up to his mouth. Max sat down in the ergonomic office chair and zoomed in on the image. He was constantly amazed at the quality that cheap security cameras provided these days. He could make out.
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