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I took my seat next to a nervous-looking brunette who was only about 20. The cropped blonde stood at the front and said, "It should only be about a 20 minute ride from here. When we get there, the director will inspect you, and then orientation will begin." She sat down in the first seat and we took off.Based on the looks on the other girls' faces, I figured I might be the only volunteer attendee. A volunteer was still pretty rare, even though the camps began accepting volunteers several years ago. When the New Order took over the continent, they established a dozen of these camps to train women in sexual practices as punishment for crimes. They'd be trained and either kept by a party member as a concubine or sold into slavery. The justice system was harsh under the New Order.About three years later, the camps began accepting girls who were sent by their husbands or boyfriends who believed they needed improvement, or by their fathers who wanted to get them a good husband and get rid. Chelsea’s body convulsed as the first wave of her orgasm slammed through her like a tsunami. Her scream echoed deafeningly loud in the small space. I felt her pussy clenching tightly on my cock as her juices flowed. The little show was all it took to drive Kayla over the edge as well. She was braced back against the wall, her own screams drowned out by my wife’s. Her tits bounced as her body shook from the orgasm. Sara loved ‘winning’, and only got more aggressive with her tongue as Kayla began to cum. With Kayla cumming in front of me, and feeling Chelsea’s pussy pulsating around my cock, there was no chance of me holding on any longer (not that I wanted to). I grabbed Chelsea’s hips with both hands and slammed my cock into her, burying it deep inside as I exploded. My cock throbbed and I could feel Chelsea’s pussy clenching more now, squeezing the cum out deep inside her. Her body continued to shake as she started to lose her strength. As our orgasms subsided, I stayed.
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