Steamy Kissing Session

I thought the required ejaculation on the actress' flat stomach would bring down the house.Then, ten minutes later, when there were TWO dicks being sucked, and TWO pussies being fucked, Gertie climbed out of her chair and sat on my lap."What are you doing Gertrude?" came Mildred's shaky voice."Never you mind what I'm doing," said Gertie, leaning back against my chest. Her hands brought mine up to her breasts. I realized there was no bra under her dress this evening."He's not going to marry you Gertrude," said Mildred, her voice strangled.I looked over and saw her husband's hand had disappeared under her skirt, which was up and exposing her knees. Those knees were nowhere near touching each other."I don't want him to marry me," sighed Gertrude, her hands covering mine and pressing. "I just want him to touch me a little bit." That's shameless," insisted Mildred."Not nearly as shameless as you hollering the other night, fit to wake the dead."I had a boner now, and Gertie wiggled on it.. The next guy takes over and he feels quite big and is a bit rougher, at one grabbing my hair as he slams into me. After a while I say that I need to move as my knees are hurting. The guy (who I now know as Dave) says don't worry as he has a blanket for the ground. A mate of his grabs the blanket as im led through some bushes to a small flat area. The blanket is folded and laid on the ground, Dave looks at me and says "well then what you waiting for, on your back" he looks at the others that have gathered and they all giggle like k**s. I get down onto the rug and lay on my back with my legs fairly open, he gets down on his knees between my legs and starts kissing me. He looks at me and says "come on get those legs up, or do I have to do everything", I move my hips a bit and get my legs up around him and into the air. He then tells 2 of the other guys to hold my legs up as he wriggles around and puts his cock back inside me. Straight away I can tell that he is bare and I call him a.
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