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-hey, do you know, we should have brought a paper and a water bottle here. Do you know why?-It was a joke during the ragging times. I said,-paper to sit--or to clean!-That means, you can either use the paper to sit on it on a bench or to clean yourself after some sexual fun, when nobody is around.-haha! Imad, and the water bottle is to drink--or to wash!-The same case. Then, he looked around as if he was looking for someone.-why imad…?-At once he gripped me between his arms and took his eyes close to mine. I said, as if I was scared,-imad…not here please. Someone might see us!--there is nobody around here. Come on!-He sat me on the bench and started kissing my lips, still holding me in his arms. I tried to turn my face away, but then he started kissing my neck. After a while, I was getting too hot to resist any longer so I started to kiss him back, right on his lips.-oh…you are feeling hot, nah?--ah…yeah imad…-Then he started massaging my boobs over my suit. I was keeping my palms on. It felt amazing as he clenched his stomach muscles and I felt it pulse inside me. Then with one easy, swift movement, he was inside me, deep inside me and I could feel the heavy veins massaging the inner walls of my love tunnel. He held still for a moment, allowing me to get used to the feel of the thickness, then he started a slow, measured thrusting. Pulling back till just his knob was just inside me then thrusting in hard and deep. I was matching each thrust with an upward movement of my hips taking as much of him into me as I could. Suddenly his speed increased and I felt his whole body go tense. “Oh fuck,” he groaned, “I'm coming. Is it alright Mike?” Mike knew what he meant and nodded. He knew I loved feeling a man emptying his load into my pussy and to tell the truth I'd have felt unfulfilled if Til hadn't come inside me. Taking Mike at his word, Til gripped the top of my thighs and began pounding his cock in and out of my pussy with such force that if he hadn't been.
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