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She saw with her own eyes what it could do. She feared at first that he was just going to make a long sweep back to the gate, destroying more of their precious magical forest, but the thing, with a groan of metal and the screaming of the motor, making huge clouds of sooty black smoke, spun as if it were light as a feather and lumbered off back down the smooth track it had made. With the blade raised it moved much faster than it had before.The hermit stared at the pile of brush and trees and gave a little shake of his head. Then he turned and just looked at the mansion, hands on his hips, staring, as if he could see something the others could not. The noise of the bulldozer got more and more distant and then there was a grinding noise made by the treads on the big metal ramps leading up to the long, low trailer. The noise cut off and it was quiet as a tomb again.The three teens stood, stock still, watching the stranger watching the house.After what seemed like an interminable time,. She recently joined a dating website and was reading the few messages she had received. All poorly written with terrible wit and a perverted remark hidden in cheeky words. She scoffed at the last one; he did not have a chance. After the messages she decided to update her profile image. It was from two years ago when she had blunt bangs and brunette hair. Her current sandy blond, chunky bob was a much better representation. She also started wearing glasses. Vexi stepped in front of her floor length mirror. Adorning her petite figure were red short shorts and a white spaghetti strap top. The few weeks she had been attending the gym was starting to show. Her ass had toned up and she had tightened her core quite a bit. Vexi was proud. She beamed at the camera through the mirror and snapped a selfie. Or maybe twenty. She picked out the best one and quickly uploaded it to the app. After doing so she laid down in bed and turned on some background noises as she started going through her.
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