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Relax, he said. Its fine. I would just love to hear that story. Because there has to be a story. Not really, she muttered, and then, as an afterthought, Im never drinking again. Wise words that has been spoken by many, many people over the years. I mean it, she insisted. I honestly cant believe I told you that. Virginity is nothing to be ashamed of, Brandon said, stroking one finger down her arm. It kind of is, when youre twenty nine. He gaped. Youre twenty nine and youve never had sex? How the hell had that happen? I dont know, it just&hellip, happened, she muttered. Or more to the point, it just never happened. There must be a reason, he prompted. There isnt one specific reason, its more like a series of non-sexual incidents, strung together by everything from dating sites to five-minute dating games and more blind dates than I can count. I take it none of that worked for you? I met the most interesting people. Like Mike, who was seventy two at the time, and told me he had a. Again. And there was nothing he could do about it. They were caught in this endless cycle of renewal to slow decay. He hated it – and still he yearned for her. Every time. He smoothed a hand over the soft length of her back, as she lay besides him, hovering in that insouciant peace between waking and sleep. It made him smile. She had not been this relaxed, this calm in a long time, the last few weeks a constant parade of violent reassertions of her power, followed by timid withdrawal. Now she lay replete besides him, her long limbs soft in repose. He could not resist kissing that soft shoulder so invitingly close. She stirred, her eyes fluttered then subsided, their green depths still hidden from him, her body not yet willing to relinquish its hold on sleep. That sound she made, soft and vulnerable, the purr of a kitten from the mouth of a lioness, it wrapped around his spine in the particular magic of intimate familiarity. It hurt, hurt because he knew he would be losing it soon.
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