Plumpy Scented Sweet Cunty

"Sounds like a pain..." the voice responded. This was followed bysomething that sounded suspiciously like a yawn."D-Don't be like that," Dylan protested, still holding his sword up."Aren't dragons supposed to be fearsome and ferocious creatures!? Youshould be barreling out here, saying something about grinding my bonesfor your bread, right? Or squeezing out my blood for wine?" Isn't that more of a giant thing? It sounds like a pain, either way. Ijust want to sleep for a bit longer... I'm on vacation, you know." Vacation!?" Dylan screamed, lowering his sword at last. "You're adragon, aren't you!? You're a fearsome beast, aren't you!? You steallivestock, slay men, kidnap damsels, and burn down fields! You're wild,uncontrollable, horrible really, and I am here to slay you!" ...I don't remember doing any of that, though... I mostly just sleep,you know? Though I guess I'm supposed to be finding a damsel to bringhome. Father said he can't rest until I find a mate, so he kicked me outof the. I'm not sure when it happened, but all of a sudden he was naked, and he was poised over the top of me. My legs were far apart. I felt something against my pussy. I could see him in the faint light, holding his dick with one hand and rubbing it up and down over my pussy lips. I wanted whatever was making me feel so good to go on forever! Then I felt it intruding into me. I had a moment of fear, but his mouth went over mine again. It was hard to breathe. My head was spinning because I sensed something wasn't right, this was all going too fast. I wanted to tell him to stop, that I wasn't ready for this, but he was pushing into me. It felt like an iron bar going inside me, and then he shoved forward and I felt a flash of intense pain as he broke through my hymen. I screamed, twisting my face away from his, but his hand was right there to cover my mouth. I heard him say something, probably to tell me it wouldn't last or something, but all I could focus on was the screaming going on.
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