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He whispered, "Everything is fine. We have people lined up to handle the planes. We will be cranking Hope in a moment all will fly back to Preservation. Rest easy." He set me down and I walked over to Bobbi. She was still unconscious but her breathing was regular and her color was normal. I lay down on a pallet with Mel on one side and Bennie on the other. I heard the ramp closing. Mel said, "All the family is here except Charlie. Andy and he are flying Duck. Rest, Jan."We landed at Preservation and Anne had Bobbi whisked away to the hospital she maintained for those injured. All of our doctor types from Preservation and Protection met with us to talk about Bobbi's future treatment. I was quiet and listened. Anne's concern was that Bobbi had brain damage and might not ever come out of the coma. Doctor George had performed a scan and determined that there was still activity going on. Finally, they ran down on what to say. Mel then said, "She is alive and in there. It will take time. Then we made her dress proper.After some time Varun woke up I and Adi acted normal and he said that he wanted to sit with Mira.Adi left his seat for Varun and moved to the front.After reaching the destination Mira woke up and she looked tired.She said that she was feeling a weird taste in her mouth and she needed to have a coffee.I and Adi said to each other that maybe she again wanted to taste our cum instead of coffee.It was really a cool place.And we freshened up and out breakfast in a small hotel which was a single hotel in that village.I and Adi inquire waiter about the call girls near that place.He said that he would arrange them for us in the morning since no girls would be available after sunset.We were surprised to hear this and he also informed us that whichever place we wish to visit we should visit it in before the sun sets down.We went curiously by hearing this.I asked the waiter why he said so he said that it was because after an evening at nights the witches will be.
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