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Either James had to work late or Mary had to work late, sometimes both on Saturdays. They were unable to coordinate their schedules. Some days, leaving for work early kept them from breakfast conversations. Both craved for more time together and now they conversed from work by telephone just to hear each other’s voices. Mary missed their time in bed, James had been her only lover and she missed his caresses even if they were too tired to make love.Friday afternoon, James called Mary and said two people he worked with had discovered a new lounge. James said, “We need time together, dancing would be great. They said this lounge has a great band. I have to work until around 7 pm, so why don’t you get a bite to eat and then meet me at the ‘Jazz’ lounge. We’ll have a couple of drinks and dance until they close.” Mary was excited, they did need time together and she loved to dance.Mary asked James what she should wear. James said, “You know that hot knit white mini dress? That. It was me that guys would be dreaming about slamming their cock into. In a matter of hours, this guy took my world and flipped it on its head. From a guy living a great life to this, this... sex doll.I apparently looked in the mirror past the time the man was willing to wait and suddenly felt a shock vibrating through my entire body, originating from my neck and going down to my toes. I whirled around and saw a remote in the stranger's hands, then pieced together that this collar was no ordinary choker, it was actually an upgraded dog collar of sorts, where I would be shocked by his discretion. It hurt like hell and I pleaded with him to stop with my eyes, tears forming in the corners. I reached with my hands behind my neck to try and remove it, but again I felt one of those small padlocks holding the device in place. Again, he asked me to nod to show my submission to him. Admitting my defeat, I slowly nodded my head up and down. The shocking stopped and he smiled a devilish.
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