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It can be argued that the Apache wars stretched all the way from the 1840s to the 1920s but the main conflict is in the shorter timeframe.The origins of the Apache Wars are rooted in the dispute between the United States and the Mexican government about the status of Texas and other territories claimed by both countries. The impact of the Mexican-American War (1846 – 1848) and the defeat of the Mexican forces by the United States Army led to unintended consequences as the lands transferred from informal control of Mexico to the settlers of the American west. The Apaches had no axe to grind in the Mexican-American War but they did see the result robbing them of their sacred lands of their ancestors and they resented the encroachment of the European settlers.During the initial period of the Apache Wars from 1849 until the start of the American Civil War in 1860, the confrontation was tense with some flare-ups resulting in killings and destruction of property. Some small expeditions. Most of her neighbors were single men with a few married couples of varying ages. When she’d moved here she’d made sure she rented a house right in the middle of all the single men. She wanted a man. Not just any man would be good enough. She wanted a man who wanted her enough to take her. That purpose was how she’d earned the reputation of a slut. She knew she’d never get a man just going to work and sitting in her house reading. She got a job at the closest convenience store, selling gas and cigarettes from behind bulletproof glass. She knew the men only bought a few dollars of gas at a time so they could come back as often as possible. She knew they wanted her. At work she had to wear the buttoned- down shirt and pants of a uniform but she made sure to order them in the smallest sizes she could wiggle into. The pants would have shown a panty line if she’d had one. Not that she didn’t wear panties. She did. She wore thongs to keep the center seam of her uniform pants from chafing.
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