My Hot Aunty Strokes My Penis

I am sitting somewhat provocatively, in that a strap has dropped of my shoulder so I know I am revealing a significant cleavage as my tits fight for space inside my dress.My nipples feel erect and I know will be visible against the material.I open my legs and raise my skirt up my thighs to a point where anyone looking might be lucky and catch a glimpse of my wet pussy.I can see that hubby approves from a bulge straining against thin lightweight summer trousers.The thought of what we will do later makes me feel sensationalAs I glance around, I notice another guy good looking mature on his own at a table perfectly positioned to watch my exhibitionThis excites me even more and I feel it rushing through my bodyI choose not to make hubby aware just yet and decide to put on a real show for the strangerMy hand is now on the inside of my open thigh and gently stroking my skinAll the time I am looking at my hubby, but I glance to check I have the stranger’s attentionHe too is not making it. " I'm not sure Samantha, but I can keep rubbing my dick on the outside." What I did next reminded me of one of those old commercials about getting to the center of a Tootsie Pop. I rubbed one, two, three times, and I was back inside Samantha."Ohhh! Yes! Stay there this time until you're worried about cumming in me." Samantha, this is such a bad idea." I was hooked on her pussy though, I didn't want to leave it. I shouldn't be in her at all, but I told myself that no one would know as long as I didn't cum in her. Her internal muscles where pulsating, urging me to sink deeper within her. They were also urging me to spill my forbidden seed within her. Her body cared nothing for laws or age, it was excited and ready to breed, the same as mine. That though both horrified and excited me, and before I knew it, I felt pre-cum flooding into my shaft. Some of it flowed immediately into the girl, but there was still a large quantity trapped in my cock.It was ironic that I had been so worried.
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