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Sovery different from Drew, so very different from his mother.Then again, when had she ever hugged him?"You are so much like him, Lucian," she mumbled into his shoulder. "I amso glad your mother saved you by sending you here. She must love youvery much."Lucian stiffened.Then his body started shaking with laughter. He pushed the doctor away,looking into her red-rimmed eyes. He couldn't stop laughing; it made newtears run down his face."Love," he hiccupped. "Love indeed."Kurtz just stared - confused by his reaction. Lucian stopped laughing."My mother," he said, "not only doesn't love me. She doesn't even hateme. She dumped me here so I would be out of her way. I am anembarrassment. My father would have me killed if he knew he'd get awaywith it."The doctor shook her ruined face from left to right."No," she said. "You're wrong. She loves you, Lucian, believe me. She islike me. The way she talked about you when she was here the first timehad us both in tears, Ms. Parker and I. She really. Joan entered and was soon lying on her back on the sofa, with her head cradled on my lap. I was running my fingers through her hair. “Well honey how was your talk with the girl’s, did you get the answers you were looking for?”“I don’t know where to begin. We have never tolerated lies in this house, so it was best to just come out with it. The doctor’s told me that while I was in the coma my body was producing a hormone that stimulates sexual desire, that's why I almost permanently had an erection. I could discern some of what people said around me but could not feel what they were doing. We have opened a door into my sexual release and I don’t know what to do leave that door open or slam it shut now. The girls also have sexual needs and I want to know what you think before we make a decision”Joan was looking up at me smiling, one of the reasons that we have always been so happy is that we can talk, and we try and do what is best for all not just ourselves. “I was aware that the girls.
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