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She untucked the bottom and let it fall to the floor. Jackie’s expression had changed once she saw Kim in just her bra and skirt. She now had the same look she had had in math class. Kim unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it then froze. “Did I say to stop?” said Jackie so suddenly that it made Kim jump. She unclipped her bra and tried in vain to cover her large breasts from view. Eventually she decided on covering her breasts with one arm and taking off her panties with the other. She now stood in front of her brother and her school bully in only her socks, shoes, and glasses. Jackie didn’t ask her to lower her arms, in fact she enjoyed watching Kim squirm. Jackie walked slowly over to Kim, then took a stroll around her glancing at her ass. “Who would have known that nerdy dumb Kim was hiding a body like this? Come here.” Kim took a step closer to Jackie. Jackie roughly grabbed a hold of Kim’s arms and pulled them away from her so that she could get the full view of Kim. “Now that. It's not the best place under the sun, but hey! at least I got laid. A little over a year ago I packed up my bags, moved from the CPT to the OC and I haven't smelled a piece of pussy since. So what have I been doing one might ask? Just lounging around, going through family size bottles of lotion because I'm oh so “Ashy” and need to apply moisturizer every other hour. 95% of it directly on to my dick- doctors orders. But tomorrow I am getting some, no doubt. No more spending countless hours whacking off. I am getting some, oh I'm getting some. The Next DayI woke up anxious for the day and ready to complete my mission. I headed to the bathroom, shed my clothes and hopped in the shower. I turned on the shower and let the warm water hit my body and I fantasized about all the pussy I was going get shortly. In my visualization of future sexcapades, my hand inched closer to my bulging cock. “No!” I told myself aloud. “No cock touching, pussy fucking.” I finished cleaning myself off, rinsed.
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