Desi Aunty Sucking And Cuming

Toni could feel every muscle in her tighten just before an explosion ripped through her body. Her fingers clawed at his back as she jerked and bucked against him. Excruciating pleasure surged through her. He continued to hammer his cock into her cunt until she was whimpering and shaking meekly.He lowered her to the ground and turned her around until she was facing the car. He stepped up behind her and grabbed her tits, crushing them with his large hands. He pulled down the front of her blouse and her bra. His rough and powerful hands squeezed and pinched her naked tits and swollen nipples. His huge cock pressed between her ass cheeks and slid up and down the crevice. He put his mouth next to her ear."You've been a bad girl again. You made my cock all sticky. I'm going to have to punish you some more, Miss."Toni was still weak from the powerful orgasm, but her pussy felt empty, wanted him in her."Yes... yes, Mr. Policeman. I've been bad. Please punish me some more. Make me all sticky. Some minutes later movement at the left periphery caught his eye and through the garden shrubbery came a grey uniformed figure walking briskly toward Gate 7 across the lawn.He had never seen that uniform before. Warning bells sounded behind his eyes and telling the senior sentry at the post to follow him, he pushed through the lines at Gate 5 and 6 and, with apologies to the loose throng moving to Gate 7, through them, to intercept the trespasser.Halting at the tail end of Gate 7 line, he watched the young man approach.What he saw did not impress him. The tunic coat was collared of all things with the top button undone, there were expansable buttoned chest pockets and similar side pockets on the below waist flap; the trousers were, to say the least, baggy, and the colour was that ghostly light grey. Even his fore and aft cover (he later found out that it was called a forage cap) was that unrelieved grey. The only contrast was the black fleur-de-lis on the side of his cover, a black.
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