Boyfriend Asks Me To Strip On Cam

‘Mark me as yours.’ I felt the pressure increase on my neck as Marlene hungrily moaned into me. My breathing was heavy and I told her that I was getting close to coming. Marlene’s hand left my cock and her mouth seperated from my neck with a moist pop. ‘Oh no, you’re going to come in me, or on me, but we’re not going to waste that cum of yours in those pants,’ she panted before pressing her lips back onto mine for another soft, sensuous kiss. The fullness of her lips pressing against me, was a feeling in which I have no words to justify. We slowly ended our kiss and the moist sound of our parting lips filled the hallway. We stood there, gazing into each other’s eyes watching the heated passion that burned in their depths. She knew that I couldn’t see her, but could tell that I saw the same vision. ‘You are so beautiful, Marlene,’ I softly said. ‘You make me feel beautiful, Michael,’ she said in a quivering voice, as she gave me a soft kiss. Marlene stepped back and gasped, ‘Oh Lord…. As I pick up the phone I see it’s Tony’s phone. It’s unlocked and being that I was kind of buzzed I started snooping through his phone. What I see for ever changes my life and completely blows my mind. The first pic I see was some little sexy thing laying on her stomach. I couldn’t see the face but her body was super sexy. The next pic is another back shot of a little what appears to be tiny Asian girl. I thought to my self I had no idea Tony was into Asians. As a flipped to the 3rd pic I soon understood why he kept that a secret. My beautiful little innocent wife spread naked on his phone. I couldn’t believe my eyes but here she is spread ass naked posing like a slut for my friend. My stomach started to sink as my mind starts to piece everything together. I should be mad but I’m not mad at all for some reason I’m rock hard seeing my wife naked like this. I never knew she had a wild side like this. I wasn’t sure what to do so I sent my self all the pics I thought were proof /.
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