Oh, Excited The Pussy Of A Young Lady, How Do You Like A Perfect Ass?

It did fit, half cups. Looking down she could see the little buttons of her nipples resting on the lacy rims. Her face was burning and as she pulled on the stockings, her pussy started burning too. Fuck me, she thought, what is happening. She fastened the garters, and slipped on the white high-heeled pumps, and then picked up the handcuffs. They were heavy, cool to the touch. They felt like his voice had sounded when he ordered her to her knees. She paused. What was she doing? She could just put her clothes on, grab a few things from her desk, walk out the door, never come back. She knew that if he reported her, she would be fired immediately. Just walk out the door, go home, have a glass of wine and go to bed, she told herself. There are other jobs.This is crazy. You can’t walk out of here bare assed and walk across the office wrapped up like a Christmas present, your hands cuffed behind your back. Get dressed and go. It’s not like she had ever done any of those things she wrote. He smirked a little, watching me intently. I then nervously slipped off my socks and trousers, standing there in just my tight red underwear."Those too." James said blankly.I slowly reached down and took them off, adding them to my pile of clothes on the floor. I now stood there fully naked, while he still just stared at me."You hop in, I'll join you in a second."I opened the shower door and turned it on, waiting briefly for the water to heat up. I then started applying shower gel, acting like everything was normal, when I heard him enter behind me, now fully nude as well. For a while we cleaned ourselves separately, until suddenly I felt a hand gently massaging gel onto my right buttock, squeezing it occasionally. "Uh-I-I can clean myself James."He just shushed me gently and kept going, wrapping a second hand around and rubbing my chest softly. I squirmed free from him and turned around to face him. An angered James stared back at me and before I knew what was going on he grabbed my.
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