I just hugged tightly and kissed her forehead. She was like shocked. But out of the lust. She too hugged me tightly and started kissing me. It was nice. At that moment I observed her fully. She was little chubby lady. May b same age as me. Fleshes at right places. She was wearing maxi. I was just wearing shorts and baniyan.Out of lust we started kissing each other. Sucking each other and exploring each other’s body on clothes. My blood was rushing like anything. She was shocked with my behavior when I said I love u baby. She too accepted me and hugged. At this moment I was not in a mood to do sex with her. She got really pissed off when I said this. But I consoled her saying we can have tomorrow as we both are free. As I didn’t want to have a girl being drunk. So we just hugged each other and slept.Early morning when we woke up. Kinda excited. She was dam happy as I could see in her face. She was too happy. She had already done with bath and was fresh wearing 3/4th pant and Tee. I. Other than the women all tied up there seemed to be no one else here, then all of a sudden a large shutter door opened at the end of the building outside stood a lot of people. They all entered the building being lead by a woman who was dressed in a very expensive looking red dinner dress. She walked right trough the middle of all the ladies who where tied up.“So for all you new comers to the market here is how it works” The woman in red was saying while she walked past.“Take a look at the selection available; try them out how ever you please. Once you have found one that you like the look of bring her to me and we’ll talk price” She continued “Now every one, the market is open”Once the woman in red had finished all the guests fanned out and began walking around looking at all the tied up women. Every one was talking to each other about what it was they was looking for and referring to the women as if they was a piece of meat in a shop window. The woman in red sat on a large chair.
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