Desi Aunty Dressing Up (old)

At this point I didn’t have any video cameras, but I knew she was coming close to the next one, which was right where a gorgeous strapless white dress stood on a hangar with a note that said ‘I think you might like this. Sincerely Jason :)’ It took about five minutes but eventually the candles led her to the dress and when she looked at it, I swear, she started bawling. Then she took the dress, went to the bathroom which was unlocked and only a couple feet away, and when she walked out, she was in that legendary white dress. She walked down the halls until finally she reached the gym and opened the door. And that’s when she saw it. A modified version of the winter wonderland dance. There was real ice on the floor, more cardboard cutouts of snowflakes, and finally me, in a fancy tuxedo, alone in the center of the gym. I began to approach her, calmly and coolly, with a wide smile across my face. ‘Well, I promised this wasn’t anything you’ve done before. I wasn’t too far off right?’. We linked our minds together and had sex there as our bodies physically screwed on autopilot as we fucked hundreds of times in our linked brains. It only took us six minutes for our bodies to cum together. Her pussy looked fucked, but I dry fired. Back in my room, one of Serenity’s sisters was eating out Lodi. The other was in the bathroom. Serenity and I waited for Lodi to cum before getting everyone into the shower.“Lodi and David, we wish we could stay, but you understand that it is best that we not be seen together outside of our suites. Plus, you two deserve a night together. I don’t know if you ever slept in Darren’s arms Lodi, but David is a different world. It will be the best sleep you’ve had since you were a baby,” Serenity told us.Does it count as one shower if you must wash all over again because you turned the water off to fuck?I expected it to be almost morning when Lodi and I slipped naked into my bed, which someone changed while we showered. The clock showed it was.
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