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Then he slowly made his way out of the area. From three until six, he was able to crawl about one hundred fifty meters. Spending Sunday watching, now from outside the perimeter, Bret was amused at the frustration of the opponents. By early Tuesday morning Bret was able to reach his extraction point and call for the helicopter. No one was ever able to figure out how Bret accomplished the mission.As in his other training, Bret was considered one of the best when the course was completed. Once training was completed, he was promoted to Lance Corporal. Bret's flight back to the mainland was uneventful with Bret reading the entire trip. He was met at the Airport by Ann. There was no news just that everyone missed him.After lying around playing with the twins all Sunday, Bret reported to base Monday morning a new Lance Corporal ready to work. The DI Commander was still not happy but decided to take a wait and see approach. After helping and learning from Mike Miyagi for nine years,. After it took off we started talking, her name was Sangita and she was very friendly. Came to know that she had love marriage but her husband is very busy and most of time out of city. I purposely kept my hand on the middle rest so that I keep touching her breasts in between and she never objected for it. After sometime she said she wanted to go to rest room, I was about to get up but she said no just sit there and the aisle seat beside me was vacant. Purposely she went other way i.e. Facing me and while going she bent so much that her breasts were very close to my face, for a moment I thought of sucking those juicy boobs but somehow controlled that, but see saw the bulge in my pants and just smiled. Whole of the flight there was lot of touching and brushing. Later we arrived at Bangalore exchanged our contacts and she said that she will wait 4 the call.I couldn’t sleep that night, during weekdays we both were busy with our job as both r in IT. Evening I called after a day and it.
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