Hot Kissing

After a half hourpassed, Kelly entered the kitchen and asked, "I'm ready for you, babe." Ready for what?" Preston replied, playing dumb."Ready to make you feel beautiful," Kelly replied with a laugh."Oh, ready to humiliate me," Preston rejoined, hoping his wife woulddrop it."We won't know that until we see the final result." The process alone is humiliating, dear," Preston replied."Hey, you put on the dress. I didn't put it on you. You put thisthought into my head." Actually, you put the thought into my head," Preston rejoined."But then you went out and proved it, so get ready, darling." You're not going to drop this, are you?" Honey, have I ever dropped anything?" Kelly asked with a smile.Preston shook his head, knowing how his wife never gave veered away fromsomething when her mind was stuck on it."This is just a one time thing, right?" Preston inquired."We'll see how you feel about that, after the makeover," Kelly replied."So, it'll be a one time thing." Again, we'll see how it. I think I was hard for 6 hours. Late that night, sitting on the porch, in my bra and girdle, drinking wine, I admitted to her that this was amazing feeling. I loved it. I felt to put together. My back didn’t hurt when making dinner, and I liked the binding feeling of the girdle. “Good dad” was her only comment and was silent. I found that odd, and asked if she was uncomfortable with me? And she insisted she loved it, insisted I keep it, but she just had some other things on her mind. The next day, I awoke, and put on the normal old clothes. They felt funny being hairless, but I didn’t feel I should wear this outfit over the other stuff today. That I may not even wear them again, but it was great when I did. During the morning, I got a call from my daughter to come down to the mall, she needed my help. I smelled a fish, but I thought I was in for a penny, might as well go in for a pound. And I was right. She was at “Womans” store, and had a bunch of stuff in the back ready for me to.
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