Bangla Gorom Mosola

I listen to music most of the time. But you can go on the computer and perhaps find something interesting. She nodded nervously and said, ‘Thank you.’ Gwen surveyed the cabin and decided that it was neat and clean and livable. With Gerald’s help, they opened several of the canned foods that he had put up and heated up a variety of vegetables for dinner. By the time they sat down to dinner, the kitchen smelled of fresh vegetables and turkey and everybody sat down in a refreshed state of mind. Both Gwen and her daughter commented on how good the vegetables tasted while Gerald praised the turkey. After dinner, Gerald showed her around his garden and storage room. Cherilyn had found things on the computer and was lost in a child’s world of different things. Gwen and Gerald ended up sitting on his small deck and they each began to reveal some of their history while drinking a glass of tea. Gwen told him that she and her husband had bought the house next door three years ago with big plans. His grades had been excellent; he tried sohard. Her usual apron hung next to the broom closet. The hanger next tohers was empty.She went upstairs. The staircase creaked now as it had years ago. Howoften had she chased him up the stairs --- or down them --- for thepurpose of instilling in him appropriate behaviour, expected behaviour,required behaviour? The stairs were still slippery. She had never pushedhim; she knew that; she had never pushed him. She moved carefully today.She looked into the bathroom. Standing at the same spot whence shemonitored him when he was in it. What day had it been when she had firstnoticed her toiletries askew? A Sunday, yes, a Sunday. The smell of rose-scented oil. The embarrassment on the little boy's face in the bathtubwas still vivid in her mind.She walked into her bedroom. His wail still filled her ears. His tearsstill dampened the carpet. The nightlamp still fell in slow motion. Theimage of her young son, her pride, her treasure, still dominated.
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