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"But what did we prove, Captain?" Spock pressed home the point. "It is unlikely a real adversary would have a bug in their vessel allowing us to blast it apart so readily." Well, perhaps you're right, Spock. But I've found that Star Fleet's war games aliens have one thing in common with all our real opponents: There's always an Achilles' heel." Heel, Captain? I believe..."Spock's musing were cut off by McCoy, who broke from Kirk's side and rushed to the communications station. "You may have been playing games, Jim," the doctor snarled, "but your communications officer looks like she's really hurt. What's the matter, Uhura?"The lithe black woman uncurled herself and sat up on the floor, holding one hand to her head. "I'm not sure," she whispered in her silky voice, "I just... felt a little woozy, that's all." You passed out," McCoy said. "Probably breathing fumes from that 'mock' fire under there. Come on, I'm taking you with me." No, Doctor, really, I'm fine now," she protested,. ” We got down to some serious kissing as we lay back on the fifty or so pillows on the bed.“I wonder if I could ever have loved you like this without the old man’s memories of you in his life. He was so filled with regrets.”“Do you struggle to keep your lives separate? Having someone else’s memories of a different time must be confusing. I want you to know that I don’t care who he was or what he did. All I care about is what’s in here and here.” She pointed at my head and heart. Well, that was the problem, wasn’t it? In my head, I still had the old man rattling around trying to spoil everyone’s fun. I argued with myself all the time, even struggling not to feel guilty about renting a motel room. In my heart, I was seventeen and in love. And in love. And in love.“The biggest thing that I struggle with is feeling like I’m cheating on you when I’m with Donna or Desi. Or any of the others,” I said. “The old man would have been horrified that I would mess around with someone else when I’m.
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