Black Cop Selma Offered Up Money, And Then Started Blowing Th

The custom made top was fluffy white with a tiny vest of black adorned with funny little sayings in orange script that said things like,"Give me my treat or I will visit my trick upon you!" or the more discreet "Make a witch happy today".The skirt was rather like a ballerina's tutu in fluffy white layers of crinkled material and as a final touch she had a pair of sheer orange stockings with spider webs delicately woven into the thread. The gap of a few inches of bare skin from the top of the stockings and the bottom of her skirt was bridged by a pair of supporting black garters that attached to her black vinyl belt just above her thong. The effect was quite startling when she bent over and her heart-shaped bottom was framed by the costume like some delicious treat served up for a gentleman's delight.In previous years, Tammy had done her rounds of Trick or Treating in her apartment building or in some of the two-family homes that lined her street. This year, she decided to be different. And putting his penis in this woman's vagina was going to create that kind of heat. He hadn't felt this kind of lust since ... maybe ever. To his credit, he intended to be careful. To his deficit, he couldn't possibly turn her down, even if it meant he violated her "contract." Yes," he rasped, already reaching for his belt."Ohhhh, I hoped you'd say that," she said, already panting again.She had been in control before this, in almost every aspect of their relationship. He hadn't thought of it like that until now. She had teased him intentionally, had let him look on purpose, knowing she was inflaming him. She had wanted to inflame him.Now, though, with him above and her underneath, he was in control. And some lingering feeling that he might wake up and find that all this was a vivid dream, created an urgency in him that eschewed the normal foreplay he might have engaged in.Rather, he got his cock out of his pants and, without even removing them, pressed forward to enter her in one not.
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