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In fact - honest to god - the best thing you could tell me is that you were in a relationship, gay, or better yet, gay in a relationship, so I could trust that my forwardness here isn't taken the wrong way."+++She wasn't sure what to make of this seemingly off the cuff statement, which was a little too close to home. Thusly she went straight to the core of her concerns in her typically blunt manner, "You know that's pretty screwed up. What made you say that business of being gay? That is a very strange thing to utter to a stranger."He looked momentarily pained before saying, "Well actually... I'm gay. Didn't figure it out until I'd been married for years and had a daughter. I guess since I've only come to terms with it recently. It's been on my mind lately and I say stupid things like that. Sorry if I was out of line. I also didn't mean to say that my forwardness was some sort of aphrodisiac that you couldn't resist. Unless, you were a lesbian in a relationship - which you may or may. By now they have pushed you back against the kitchen table and both of them are now pulling and pinching your nipples you gasp as one of them twists hard, did that hurt you he said you shyly answer yes well I better kiss it better then pulling the neck line of your top down he slips his hand inside your top and roughly pulls your left tit out griping your tit so tight your nipple stands out he flicks it with his warm tongue and sucks it into his mouth and starts to suck and flick your tender nipple. Suddenly you feel your top being pulled hard as the other guy rips it open to gain access to your other nipple and he joins in biting and pulling at your left nipple, you look around the room D has his hand down his trousers now and you can see him stroking his cock your eyes look to the left to see the other guy who has been quite up to yet stood with his cock out slowly wanking his soft cock as he watches his mates working on your nipples. You feel the mood change in the room as the.
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