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I sat at the kitchen table and told them I had to study for a big test. I sat there for hours pretending to read a text book. My mom went to bed around 1am. He stayed up. I stayed up.It was around 6 am I realized I could get ready to go to school. I showered, dressed and headed out the door.The day was fuzzy. I was light headed from lack of sleep. When I got back home after practice mom was in bed and hot tea sat brewing. Deciding to get some extra caffeine in I drank the entire mug before sitting down. After 30 minutes my mind started to grow dim. A heavy weight of sleep crept over me. I tried to fight it, trying to get passed the haze of my vision. He was there. Standing over me, I realized I was slumped in the chair and he picked me up, putting my limp body over his shoulder.No. How could this be? I had been so alert moments before.It was the cotton mouth was made me realized it had been in the tea. My back hit the mattress and the last thing I heard before darkness surrounded me. "Fun said, "See, we have a problem before we even start. I don't want either of you to leave us so we would have to have a place for people to come to adopt one of your kind. Then we would have to have a way to know that the people who take them are kind and loving toward their little dragon."Pink spoke into their minds, "It's not supposed to be this difficult. You were supposed to just introduce us and people would instantly want to have us as pets. The dragon world wants to join the human world. We're tired of living beneath the sea and hiding from anyone who comes around. We want freedom too."Chuck said to everyone who would listen, "You are kind of strange. You come in various sizes and a distinct color according to your size. Let's see, when you are playing, you sometime vanish then reappear across the room or on my lap. When you get scared, flames flash from your mouth then smokes curls up from your nostrils. Oh and a very disconcerting thing is to put you on a leash then have.
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