Her continued descent forced her to slide inevitably down and over his cock and a lightning bolt of sensation crashed through her groin as her panties scraped mercilessly across her unprepared clitoris. It was raw and unexpected but - unlike when a guy pinged her down there before she had gotten warmed up – it was warm and welcome and exciting as it fizzed through her nerve endings. Vicky gasped with the intensity of it and before she could think about what she was doing she was back up on her toes and kissing Bob harder, biting at his lower lip and moaning encouragement when his tongue met hers. She ground her pussy into his cock to open herself back up and then pressed deeply into him, touching and teasing more of those lightning bolts from her clitoris with his straining cock while she kissed and whimpered into his soft lips. Bob broke the kiss with a gasp and “Vicky, no! I’m going to ….” She realised she was dry humping him (actually sweetie, not that dry, and it almost got a. Mera 5wan sex encounter 50 din phela huva ta, aaj tak jo be chut mera lund k saat maja ke hai wo mera lund ko bahut miss karte hain, mai iss may 1st story aur es story ka 1st part submit, fb aur g+ may share karnay par bangalore se 4 unsatisfied chutoo ko satisfied karnay ka request mail aaya ta es may 2 chutoo ko program buna k satisfied kar k choda hun aur 2 chutoo ko karna hai, mai confident karta hun feature may iss, fb ,twitter,whatsapp aur g+ k through bahut se chutoo ko dekhunga aur satisfied karunga, mai shadi shouda chutoo ka chut aur gaand ko bahut pasand karta hun kiun k es may alag he maja milta hai, continuation k liya 1st part aap read kar reya I think maja milay ga.Story pay aatha hun kis tara se nashele anushka ka chut aur gaand ko lal aur bosada buna k choda hun hum dono tight hug kar rehay ta es k baad mai anushka ko chumna chalu keya aur jisa he nack k pass gaya aaaaahhhhhhhh nasha ke awaz de saat may kiss aur lip lock smooch kar rehay tay mai anushka ka back aur.
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