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Rumour had it that his father had shacked up with a little Asian beauty in his frequent travels. His mother wasn't the kind to belittle or say nasty things about his father and all she ever said was "sometimes there are things that you just can't control." So Dan never really found out.As soon as the car disappeared over the crescent of the hill, Dan darted back into the house and ran upstairs. He stood waiting at the window for a little while, checking to make sure his mother hadn't forgotten something and had to return. When enough time had passed, he made his way into his mother's room and headed straight for her laundry basket.Rummaging in her dirty laundry, he found what he was looking for. He fished out two pairs of soiled panties -- one beige cotton highcuts and another black with lace trim. The black panties had smudges of white crust at the crotch area. Dan's cock was rigid with lust as he held his mother's panties in his hand and brought it to his nose. He inhaled deeply,. ...November 29th, 8:26 AMAfter a minute of sobbing and holding each other she eased her hug. I didthe same, carefully, and passed her a tissue. I took one and blotted myeyes, trying not to make eye contact. I moved a nasty blood stained handtowel sitting on the side of her pillow, letting it drop between the bedand nightstand. Our eyes meet, "I'm so sorry..." I muttered and lookedaway quickly so as to not break into a solo snob session.She took my hand and gave it a little squeeze and spoke slowly, "Pleasefor water..." Her face was still very swollen, but there was no mistakingshe was driven and the smallest of smiles crossed her face. I wouldalmost guess she was proud to be communicating with me or smiling becauseshe was going to get me back one day. Augh! Stop it!Water, she asked for water - even though it sounded like a question? Ismiled back at her and nodded. I couldn't help but marvel at how she hadsuch control of her voice and in her current state for God sake! Unlikeme - I had.
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