Unties Tits

D=================================================================To the readers: One more thing you should know before you read this chapter is that it was written by none other than punana herself. The woman who inspired the stories has been masturbating to them quite regularly while going about her normal, everyday life. I hope that you think about that while reading these stories and that it turns you on, knowing she's really out there, playing with herself while she reads about her alter-ego, punana.To punana: I hope that my exposing you to the world like this makes you feel even more naked and exposed, more completely a slave to your obsessions, more completely our toy, more thoroughly humiliated, more completely owned by my words. To all: EnjoyD=================================================================When punana regained consciousness, it was strapped to a frame bent at the hips; its legs upright but spread wide, its body parallel to the floor with its huge tits hanging. Me sidha sabhi sir ke paas milne ke liye chala gaya.Mene sir se kaha sir ye kya hai mene to saab kuch likha tha to sir mujhe fail kyu kiya. Sir ne kaha “if you want answer? you have to come at my home at 8 pm”. Mene kha thik hai.fir me bade hi gusse me uss sir ke ghar gaya 8 baje.Wha pe sir bethe hue the. Jaise ki mera hi wait kar rahe the. Unhone mujhe welcome kaha mene kaha aap ne mujhe fail kyu kiya? Unhone kaha pehle under aao. Me under gaya. Aur sofe pe beth gaya. Sir ne mujhe coffe aur cold drink ka pucha. Mene kaha mujhe kuch nahi chaye mujhe sirf ye bataye mujhe fail kyu kiya. Unhone kaha kyuki tum bhot beautiful ho. Mene kaha beautiful se apka kya matlab hai. Unhone kaha pehle tum sant ho jao. Me sant ho gaya. Fir unhone kaha kya tum pass hona chate ho? Mene kha haa.Unhone kaha uske liye tumko mere liye ek cheez karbi hogi. Mene pucha kya karna hai? Unhine kaha tum ujhe sirf ek baar tumhari gand marne do. Mene kaha kya? Unhone kaha mujhe tumhari gand marne do. Me exited ho.
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