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Not the kind of kiss you would give to a stranger, nor to your maiden aunt, but a long slow, deep wet kiss that lasted for ages, causing his heart to beat faster and his already hard manhood to harden even more. Breaking the kiss he whispered in her ear, the music still pulsing along with the other gyrating bodies surrounding them, ‘Let’s go and break some of your momma’s rules.’ and grabbing her hand he guided her across the room and out of the club. Walking along, his arm around her he asked her again her name, but she shook her head and pulled him into the small alley they were passing and leaning against the wall pulled his head down for another kiss. She was aggressive, calling the shots, her tongue swirling in his mouth, her hands reaching for his flies, her long right leg raising up and rubbing against his. Growling deep in his chest Misha pulled up her tight skirt, and grabbing her buttocks with both hands pulled her hard against him. ‘Give it to me now. Give it to me hard.’. I can recall you also being a tease to ole Uncle Grandpa Leon. 'Your friends would always wonder why you always had to sit in time out inside of here if i caught you up to no good during the summer... I had you come inside doing chores like. Now seeing all that body you got Mo, i dont know why you must have it all out. Showing off all them titties, that ass of yours, them sweet thick thighs, that nice tender pussy of yours... 'So, you playing with yourself huh? You feel the need to let them boys know about it huh? Uncle Grandpa asked. 'I know you do, now tell me Monique , is that pussy wet now? Huh? Come here i wanna know if that pussy is moist... Take them little bitty cootchie cutter shorts off' Monique did as she was told. 'Stand in front of me.' He took his pointer and index finger and dipped them inside her panties and began to rub. 'Mo, i think you getting wet...' She nodded. 'Yeah, i think you are... Have you squirted before Mo, huh?' He began to rub harder and faster as his.
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