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Wwha what are you doing here?’ He fumbled backwards to let her walk in the door kicking some clothing out of her path and clearing a place for her to sit in one of his chairs near the bed. ‘Sit please.’ He said. She sat down in the chair and grinned up at him stifling a giggle. ‘Surprise.’ She said. He knelt down before her and touched her lips. He couldn’t help it he had to feel her. His fingertips ran over her top lip softly then her bottom causing her to stick her tongue out and wet her lips just after he pulled his hand back. ‘You’re here right here in front of me. Oh baby I was so worried I missed you like crazy. God your even more beautiful in person.’ He gushed Her blush only increased as she sat down. Glancing up at him now and then but barely able to look him in the eye. She was so nervous, she wanted to run or of not come at all. It’s not that she didn’t love him, OH GOD she loved him more then she ever though humanly possible. It’s just it felt strange to love a man she had. He moved noiselessly ahead and discovered that at the end of that labyrinth was a larger area with two water heaters and an outside door. Amazingly, that door had a simple lock that could easily be opened from the outside with a credit card or thin piece of metal. Since everything about the building was mirrored on both sides, Robert assumed that the women’s restroom had an equally susceptible door.He was right. He was also correct in assuming that there were also small holes in the walls on the women’s side where the dividers for two of the stalls had been removed to create additional handicap stalls. He stood in the darkness between the walls and watched... and waited.It was a little after one am when she came in. She was young and dressed in a party skirt and blouse. She wasn’t drunk, but it was obvious she was close to the legal limit as she stood at the sink and splashed cold liquid onto her face. Then she stood and sent a text from her phone.She spoke aloud as she typed with.
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