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I didn't want to use the original oil lamps because they must have been smoky and unpleasant, although there was some ventilation, and indeed an air supply for the fireplace, I felt that it would be better to use electricity. I had located some wall lights that gave the same sort of effect as oil lamps would, and had installed these in their place. The wiring was quite unobtrusive and the effect of the lights was very gothic. I had also spent a while in the attics to see if I could come up with any clues as to what why and who.The who was solved fairly quickly when I discovered a wardrobe full of dominatrix gear. Quite startling stuff when one considers the era in which it was made, but then the French ... Ah, I've given it away, yes, it was all in Giselle's sizes, it would not have fitted Harriet/Harcourt who was fairly tall and had a larger shoe size. But who the victim, or were the victims I had no idea. When you put this together with what HL had found out though, about all the. Her face looks very familiar to me too." Elizabeth seemed embarrassed to be the focus of so much attention, finally getting up and covering her bread dough with a damp cloth, before leaving out the back way. It was nine thirty, and Hans hadn't gotten back yet. I also needed to see him and ask him to get me more rubbers. I only had two left, and I was hoping to need quite a few more than that for Brenda and me. Maybe for Emily too. When Elizabeth didn't come back after five minutes, Gerta asked me to go find her and tell her she needed to get her bread stuff off the table because Gerta needed it for something she was making.I went out the back looking for her, and found her, smoking another one of those rolled cigarettes. This time, I was almost certain it had to be marijuana. I had seen shows and movies on television, about how people smoked it. They had been taking in deep puffs, then holding it in for a long time, before letting the smoke back out. Elizabeth was doing it that way.
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