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If there is a lesson to my story, it is to be careful what you experiment with, because you might end up being transformed into a tranvestite prostitute like me. It all started with a brief experimentation in cross dressing. One Friday night I dressed up in slutty women’s clothing. It took a few hours to get transformed, but I did look hot. Very hot. I started by shaving the hair off most of my body. Shaved my legs. Shaved my chest. Shaved my underarms. Shaved my face (very closely so that there would be no hint of a beard). I pretty much shaved everywhere except for the hair on the top of my head and my eyebrows (although I did shape my eyebrows to make them look more feminine). I shaped my body into a feminine form with a tightly-laced corset and strategic padding. Deluxe silicon breast forms affixed with surgical glue filled out my chest to a busty 44 DDD. Latex transvestite panties with hip and bun pads expanded my hips and ass to a womanly 38 inches — and they featured a hole. I whine as he pulls out his tongue only to revel in the feeling as it’s replaced with his finger, nicely lubed from being in my pussy. His finger moves easily in and out of my ass and I grunt as he adds another finger and then a few strokes later, another – it feels so strange but so incredibly good. He removes his fingers and replaces them with his thumb and the next thing I feel is his hard cock entering my pussy. He wiggles his thumb in my ass and I feel the pressure between it and his cock. “You ready for something bigger baby?” and I respond by clenching my ass cheeks. I hear his guttural laugh as he pulls out of my pussy and removes his thumb. He presses his well-lubricated cock against my asshole, rubbing it gently and then pushes with a little force. I cry out as the head slides in, my ass stretching to accommodate him. He waits a moment and then pushes in farther. “You’re sooooo tight!” He massages my ass cheeks and then reaches under to tickle my clit which pushes him in in.
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