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She had short brown hair, a roundish face with hazel eyes and a small nose. There was a spread of freckles across the bridge of her nose and cheeks that I had thought was very attractive. Her chest was rather small but she had a nice round bottom that she usually showed off in very tight jeans. Clare was also something of a disciplinarian. She told me after my parents left that the two weeks would go just fine as long as I obeyed the rules and kept things neat and picked up. Well, teenage guys and neat just don’t go together. So the first day I came home from school I faced a very angry Aunt Clare who hollered at me about the mess in my room. Considering it had started messy before she arrived, I assumed that cleaning it all up wasn’t part of “keeping things neat.” I told her that, but this just pissed her off even more. She warned me that I had 24 hours to get my room in shape or I’d have to face the consequences. I had no idea what this meant. That. She put them onto her back, as I leaned up a little bit. I felt her bare back, and I guess that sealed the deal. We both had a thing for each other. I moaned, and tried my best not shoot again. It would go right down her throat, and I thought that would be too much for a first date. I felt her getting a little jittery, so I knew she was loving this. Despite her fighting it quite well, she gave into temptation. A minute later, she took my cock out again.She stood straight up, and slowly took off her panties. I finally got to see her shaved pussy, and it was indeed a spectacle, to my eyes anyway. She pushed me down onto my back, and got the couch with me. Although, she lay on top of me, in the sixty-nine position. She was giving me a treat on a silver platter it seemed. She took my cock back into her mouth, but I could not just start eating her pussy, I had to admire it for a minute. If this was gonna be a one time thing, I needed a very good mental image tattooed in my brain. Then I.
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