That way what I'm judging will stick out very nicely."While they were all shuffling forward, which definitely had very nice effects on my view, I heard Christina yell through the door, "IT'S HAILEY." Everyone, especially me, ignored her.I had a small puzzle about something, so I took a moment to say, "Carol, I'm guessing that your friends feel more comfortable being anonymously hidden behind the towel, so I won't mention anyone's name when I'm looking at them." I could see from Carol's expression that I was right.I also heard an exclamation of "WHAT!" from the other room. Presumably Christina had just told Hailey what was happening in here.I continued, "Diana and Zoe don't need to be in this competition, as they've already earned rides in my car, but I guess you wanted all the girls to be treated equally?"Carol answered, "Yes. If everyone else is showing you their breasts, Diana and Zoe should too." I ABSOLUTELY agree. I'm VERY happy with that because I'm particularly looking forward. Mistress had come outwhile I was mowing to tell me that it would be a good ideafor me to wave to passing cars, so that added to myhumiliation.By 7:00, I was done and putting the lawn tractor in thegarage. At least half the neighborhood had seen me, and Iwas sure the phone lines were abuzz. Mistress interceptedme in the driveway as I was planning to enter the house toremove my dress. There was a glint in her eye and a hosenozzle in her hand."Stop right there, sissy," she said authoritatively.I looked at her with a "You wouldn't" look and suddenly Iwas the recipient of a shower of cold water. Mistress hosedme for a good five minutes, which was long enough for ourfriends Bob and Marianne to pull up in the driveway. Theywere generally clueless about our Mistress/Sissyrelationship, but they were aware that we were not quite aconventional couple, either."How do you like my husband in his dress?" said Mistress.Marianne giggled. "He looks like he had a shower." Then hereyes fell to my.
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