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. That doesn’t bother me but if you don’t like them I can cover you up?” “no I don’t mind… I just thought perhaps you might?” “Don’t be daft” he says smiling softly. This is why she was so comfortable with him and could trust him. She hated parts of her body but he never poked fun in a nasty way or even a teasing way. Instead he took the time to encourage her and he would even tell her she was pretty which wasn’t something she heard often… not sincerely anyway. She moved her arm away and she was right her boobs weren’t pert but he silently thought they were beautiful anyway… he had to do his best not to keep staring so he went back to his camera. First a few simple poses, one arm above the head, lying on her tummy legs bent and feet crossed. Then came the bondage photos and secretly she was rather excited by this. He came over and moved her arms up before using red silk restraints to tie her to his bed. He stepped back and just looked her lying there on his bed, somehow looking so. " I did a slow, casual stretch, flexing my body in a way that always drives guys nuts. "You don't think I'm ugly ... do you?" Damn, was I actually flirting with this underage girl?"Gosh, no!" she quickly replied. "You – you're b-beautiful!"She had a wonderfully healthy, girl-next-door quality to her that reminded me of nothing so much as a younger, much more innocent version of myself: long, dirty blond hair that she wore in a ponytail, blue eyes, small breasts and slim hips.She stirred something inside me that I didn't understand at first. Something deep.My attraction to her was so sudden and intense that it alarmed me. I'd been sexually intimate with females before, usually with other guys involved, but never before had I experienced desire for a girl as young as this.It was totally crazy for me to be acting all sexy around her, but somehow, I found myself unable to resist – especially when I noticed the way she was checking me out.I didn't say anything, just waited for her eyes to.
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