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"Are you ready?" John asked Sarah as the song ended. Randi had both arms wrapped around his left arm. Her eyes were glistening, and she had a shy grin on her lips."You two go ahead, I'll catch up in a minute," Sarah told them.John nodded, and Randi smiled as they headed for the Lodge. Sarah pulled me aside."Michael, if we need you, you'll be there won't you?" Sarah asked worriedly.I scanned her. She was afraid she might become sexually over-stimulated and John might be too worn out and that she would get upset and ruin things."Didn't you get enough of me this afternoon?" I asked. I could sense the erotic memories as she re-lived them again."I'm not sure that's possible. But I don't ever want to go back to being the bitch I was before you straightened me out!" she said as she shuddered."Sarah, if you need me, just knock on my door," I told her. "Just be sure to bring your oil with you!" Okay!" she said saucily over her shoulder as she walked away. I smiled when I sensed a shiver run. I put that thought aside for a moment and finished a few things for work that I wanted to get done before my shower. I heard the bathroom door open and some heavy footsteps and heard the door to her room close but not shut. “Weird” I thought. “It’s a little early for her to be up and about.”I heard some more stomping around coming from upstairs as I headed into my bedroom. Now, my bedroom was under the other bedroom upstairs where my kids stayed when they were here, but Hannah’s room was right above my bathroom. The stomping continued for another few seconds and stopped and I heard her thump on the bed. The walls must be kind of thin because I can always hear what’s going on upstairs which made me wonder how many times they have heard me having sex with my wife. I had already gotten undressed and started stroking my cock thinking about her coming home later and mentally preparing for what I was going to do with her when I heard another big thump above me followed by a groan, or was it.
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