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.. but Iprefer to keep this on me," flashing a brief smile to him. "ah alrightthen, Veronika; say Maddy what do you got for dinner?" Lew asked as theymade their way to the dining table, laid on the far side of the frontliving room."You are in luck, Lew, Veronika.... and Jon too, tonight's beef stew andgarlic biscuits!" Maddy exclaimed as Lew, Jon and Veronika took theirseats while Maddy went to place the brimming hot pot filled to the brimwith beef stew, with a plate of garlic biscuits and a small bowl of saladgreens. "Ah yes, indeed, thanks for the food!" Maddy shouted out as shesat down and began dealing out scoops of stew. Conversation was partakenwhile they were eating:"So, Veronika, sounds like you are in quite a pickle" Maddy Jo mentionedin between chewing on stew bits. "Ah wait, you don't have anythingbesides what you got on eh?" as it suddenly dawned on her that Veronikacame in with just her purse and the outfit she had on now. Veronikablushed a bit at that, and remarked "Uhh. " "Remember it's only temporary," Alan reminded her, "And do you haveto keep calling me Anna?" "You don't look much like an Alan to me, and anyway, get used to itso we don't slip up tonight. Sit down, I'll put some makeup on you." Janine set Alan, or rather Anna, down at her dressing table andbegan to work on his face. After a few minutes she stepped back andsaid, "Perfect!" She sprayed Anna with a small amount of perfume andtwirled the chair around for Anna to see. Alan stared blankly at the reflection. Since his change he knew hewas good looking, but the girl in the mirror was unbelievably beautiful.The small amount of makeup Janine had used had accented his featuresperfectly, and made his blue eyes piercing. "How do you like?" asked Janine. "Wow," was all he could reply. "You go downstairs and wait, I've still got to do a few things." "Yeah," said Alan, half in a daze. As he walked down to the front room he caught his reflection in thehall.
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