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" Hmm ... she hasn't seen him in a robotics lab... 'reserved' certainly doesn't fit that image." I looked her over, noting a few red patches on her skin, mainly on her breasts and her belly. "Clara was using her teeth a little, I take it?"She chuckled, and nodded. "Let's just say we both got kind of energetic this afternoon." She pulled my head in for a deep kiss, then softly said, "Thanks for giving us the time together. We had a great chance to talk, then a really good round of orgasms. I'd forgotten what it's like to do a female sixty-nine, and it's a lot of fun, especially with her."Jason and Clara were having what looked like a quiet, but serious discussion, and I was a little unsure about sitting this close to them, feeling like I was intruding. I held my love tighter and started to stand when Clara looked up at the movement. "Where are you going?" I just thought you two looked like you needed some privacy." To hell with that ... we have no secrets from you two." She paused for. As the movie was for adults there were too many sexual and double meaning scenes. I got horny and by mistake, I touched her hand. She did not respond at all. This gave me some courage. I held her hand sometimes. After some time she put her head on my shoulder.I put my hand on her shoulder. I was rubbing her shoulder while doing that. I touched her boobs couple of time but she did not respond to it. I can’t remember who kissed first. Next thing I remember was we were kissing each other hard. She was touching my hard tool over my pent. I was playing with her boobs.After the movie, we left the theater like a couple. She sat on my bike holding me right from the back. We were going home but I took back side road. I stopped my bike at a very quiet place. And we started kissing each other very passionately. I was pressing her ass very hard.We broke the kiss and she said have been I horny from a long time and was looking to get satisfied but I don’t know whom to trust. Before she was about to.
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