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Kale put in a jazz CD and came over to sit with me on the bed. He put his arm around me and leaned in for a kiss. His lips were moist and soft. His embrace pulled me down on the bed for more. He was skillful, he stimulated each hungry body part before gingerly slipping the clothing back from the area. Before long we were horizontal, with barely a scrap of fabric covering our bodies. As he slipped my panties from around my waist, he told me he had a secret fantasy about me. ‘What?’ I said, giggling a little. From under the pillow he produced a silk scarf. ‘I’d like to tie your hands together.’ ‘Mm, kinky,’ I told him, giving him the go ahead. I had done a whole lot wilder than this, and considered it to be rather mild and acceptable. It was still thrilling however, to feel the smooth silk tighten around my wrists, and to have Kale move my hands up above my head where they would no longer be any use to me. Kale moved quite expertly over me, sliding his impressive shaft in and out of. My wife said, “I can’t thank you enough for giving me this time. I don’t know what is ahead, but I will always love you, your body and your mind. That includes the dirty parts too, being willing to share me. I am as nervous as I was on our honeymoon.”I answered, “You deserve this, not only because I got the same ‘present’ earlier, but because you need to have a fling yourself. This might bring us closer. I know we fucked like minks after that time at the beach with the coed.”Jenny squeezed my hand and announced, “Jerome and I will take this room. But I want you close, just in case. Maybe tomorrow night, if there is one, you can watch.”Dinner reservations were for eight. They ate light: broiled fish and salad, no dessert. I had a steak but barely tasted it. I knew room service was open all night if anyone wanted anything later.By Jenny’s and my prior agreement, I was to leave the table first and busy myself as I pleased for at least an hour before returning to our suite. Also, Jerome.
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