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He said that out here in the wild things were a lot calmer than they used to be, since they were far enough from the border to miss most of the Mexican bandits and the Indians were not raiding like they did when he and Alice first came out from Georgia.Things had been a little chancy with the Apache and Comanche back in 1869, but had really quieted down, by comparison. There had been a lot more water, then, and this area had been covered with grass, instead of the scrub that you see, now. Back then, he had run enough cattle so that he had to hire a number of cowboys, both to manage the cattle and fight off rustlers. Now, the ranch was so dry that he worked it by himself and never had to worry with major rustling since he had so few cattle. Both their sons had moved on to California and reported that they were doing well; they wanted Bob and Alice to come live with them, but Bob and Alice preferred to stay where they had spent so many happy years. He admitted that they would have to. There was a very high level of mystery and intrigue surrounding the club. Most of the big shots in town, from every profession, were members. There was no telling who you might see in the place on any given night.I chose it, since I could have a drink and not have to drive anywhere. That and yes I wanted to remind people that I was still around. I didn't even bother to look for a table to share, I simply went to the bar."Canadian and coke," I said quietly.When the young blond woman brought the drink she smiled at me. Everyone flirted, it was the grease that lubricated the wheels of the service industry. I had come to that conclusion long before that night.I was ten minutes into the drink when I heard my name, "Lucy?" I thought that was you. When did you get back?" the man who had once shared my bed asked."Jeff, I'm a little surprised to see you out so late on a weeknight," I said."I know, I have a witness I needed to entertain," he said. "Please come join us." No thanks Jeff, I don't.
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