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Stepping into my closet, I pulled on strappy dress, spaghetti-straps hanging it from my slim shoulders as the skirt swirled only to my knees. I did my make-up, pouty mouth accented by a hint of rouge and gloss, mascara, and a touch of blush to bring out the flush of my cheeks. Grabbing my purse, I was ready.In the car, they were playing Frank Sinatra. I listened, finger-snapping occasionally as I took the long drive to the airport. Pushing through the throng, I glanced at the paper in my purse, finding my way to the gate. Five minutes, and the plane was scheduled to arrive. It was early, though; I stayed in my seat facing the exit the passengers were to come through, and watched fixedly, scanning each face as they came out with their carry-on's.He was there, abruptly, glancing around with the same searching look, and finding me just as I found him. I mouthed his name questioningly, and he nodded, before abruptly -- I was out of the chair and running towards him, unmindful of the. All she had to do was avoid having sex, and how hard could that be?She wanted to experience flirting and being the center of attention withthe limited time she had left in this body.An hour later she was entering the club. The first thing she noticed wasthat the smell of horny men and women permeated the room. She hadexperienced the same with the pizza dude (man she wished she had gottenhis name; he was cute in a "foal-tries-to-take-its-first-steps," sort ofway). However, the sheer number of people made this even more intense.And it was nice to know she could still get turned on by the women. "Iguess I'm a bi bimbo," Kitty mused.Still, she was a little off balance from the new sensations she wasexperiencing and decided to head to the bar for a little liquid courage.She sat down and immediately took out her phone to pass the time. Herreverie was broken when she heard, "Hey hon, how're you doin'? Can Igetcha anything?" She looked up and was pleasantly surprised to see thefemale.
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