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He reached out and gathered up my panties, using them to wipe his wet penis as I watched wide-eyed. He was a big man and I had taken all of him inside me, a six to eight inches of movement, in and out, side to side, wracking my being with multiple orgasms, all coming in succession, each one more powerful than the previous, losing count and consciousness, I just clung around his neck as he battered and bruised me deeper than anything before, twisting and opening my virginity to his eventual release, seeding my womanhood, kissing my face as I sobbed, all new emotions and new sensations, a new love, a new adoration for men was sown into my young soul, a desire for what I now studied, I reached out and took hold of him, suddenly feeling the strong urges to mount him again, as I pulled myself up to him and guided him into my eager mouth.I just held him there, controlling my breathing, a deep intake of air, then a push down his shaft, he felt huge in my small mouth, but I loved the feeling,. He had never expected Teresa to accept his "no" easily, but she was very persistent. "How can you be so sure you can find the place?" The tech boys place the latitude and longitude about 45 Km. northeast of Cadiz. There is a little town there, Alqueria, where I can look around. A complex the size David describes can't be hidden."And why you, instead of one of our Spanish agents?" For one, they may have been compromised. For another I'm as expert in hypnotic control as anyone in NASO. Finally, can any of them hope to get into the place passing for a Latin American 'indocumentada' looking for work as a maid?"Rutherford gazed at Teresa. She sure didn't look like a maid right now in her black, shrink-wrap miniskirt and demi-bra. He tried to imagine the dark-skinned fireball in scruffy clothes, but all he could come up with was her in no clothes at all. He shook his head. She had a point. She could look the part of an illiterate peasant, as he knew her grandparents had been. Teresa had.
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