Beautiful Married Bhabhi Ki Chut Aur Boob Show

When the game reached half time, I needed a piss, so I headed up to the family bathroom, relieved myself and was just heading back down when I passed Stacey's closed bedroom door, and immediately stopped because I thought I could hear moaning coming from her room.It was soft and just for a second or so, so I really wasn't sure if I had heard it or not, and then I heard it again and I could also hear what sounded like her office chair creaking slightly as well.Now I knew I should have walked away, I should have carried on downstairs and continued watching my game, but I also wanted to check on her, just make sure she was okay, or at least that's what I was telling myself as I placed my hand on her door handle and began to turn it.Her door then eased open, it wasn't even locked, and then pushing it just a little so I could see in, I saw to my stunned amazement Stacey sat in her office chair at the end of her room, facing her computer so she had her back to me, and very completely. I got a call from my wife which was very rare because I had to be paged and walk to a small office to take the call. She told me; I just had an encounter with the next door neighbor’s brother. I remember seeing him before coming and going since our driveways parallel each other. I asked her what happened. She said; I saw the neighbor outside so I put on my yellow and white striped mini dress. (I had bought this for her because you can adjust the length shorter due to the elastic around the waist area. It was also a little sheer so in the right light you could see her panties too!) She said; I was on the side of the house working on our flowers. The younger brother was out in his driveway washing his car. She said I knew he was watching me but when he wasn’t looking I tugged my dress up so it would stay very short. There was a little breeze that day so I felt my dress fly up exposing my sexy white panties many times. Even if I wanted to pull my dress down I couldn’t because I had mud.
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